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We are a reputable resource for private investigative services and your quest to find truth, reliable information, and admissible evidence. For more than 12 years, our Los Angeles private detectives have successfully conducted numerous  investigations, surveillance, skip tracing, child custody, as well as infidelity, and criminal defense investigations in Arizona. We have worked with diverse clients in Los Angeles ranging from single-parents pursuing deadbeats, business people looking for lost contacts, to hiring executing doing background checks on candidates.

Why Hire A Professional

Whether you met your Mr. or Ms. Perfect online or offline, these days it pays to be cautious. How do you know the individual you met over the internet, or at a bar, is truly who he or she claims to be? You don’t. Clients rely on private investigation companies to conduct a comprehensive dating background check that verifies education, employment, address, criminal and court records, ID or passport, date of birth and more. We also screen the case for fraud and identify risks.

The Best Los Angeles Detective

Our company takes pride in being a premier private investigations and surveillance agency in Los Angeles that clients want to work with. Our Los Angeles private detectives highly-reputed for conducting swift and thorough investigations and addressing the specific needs of clients. Employing modern investigation techniques, state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, and the insight of experienced private detectives in Los Angeles, we are able to deliver the information and answers our clients seek.


Why Hire A Private Detective in Los Angeles

Our company provides clear and tangible benefits to clients, beyond what smaller or younger agencies offer. Our number #1 priority as service private detective Los Angeles is to assist clients get information that will assist them make judicious decisions. When you hire us for surveillance or service private investigations in Los Angeles, you’re assured of the following:

• Access to top private investigators Los Angeles

• Ethical and legal investigations

• Comprehensive reports

• Documented evidence (photographs, audio, video footage)

• Free Initial consultation

Whether you’re facing prosecution for alleged wrong-doing or seeking truth on suspected marital infidelity or looking for a missing person, rest assured that our company detectives will provide you with the truth or answers that you seek.

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Bond Investigations

“Exercise Your RIght to Know The Truth”


Licensed Private Investigators

Locally owned and operated, we are a trusted resource for all you need to obtain evidence and truth on domestic or commercial matters.


Premier Investigations Agency

We are known for the quality of our services and thoroughness of our investigations.


25 Years Combined Experience

Our long standing experience working with private individuals and corporates puts us a vantage position to solve your case quickly.


Why Hire Bond Investigations

Old or new, each clients enjoys tangible benefits and value that smaller or inexperienced agencies don’t offer.


It’s in everything we do. Period.

George’s Story

George had been a union welder all of his life, at 59 years of age he was looking forward to the day he could retire. George recently moved to Los Angeles from Baltimore for another well paying welding job. Read more..

;Dr. Steven’s Story

Recently, Bond Investigations was engaged by a family to investigate a sexual assault that they believed was a case of wrongful imprisonment. Read more..

Veronica’s Story

A concerned wife solicited the services of the trained professionals at Bond Investigations. She told us that she was beginning to suspect her husband was cheating on her.Read more..



It’s in everything we do. Period.

Dorian Bond on Nancy Grace 10-21-2014

Dorian Bond has investigated many high profile cases in his career. One of the most notable case was as Jodi Arias’s privately retained investigator. This was his appearance on Headline New’s Nancy Grace show. Click the “Show All” button below to see more television news shows that Mr. Bond has appeared on.


It’s in everything we do. Period.