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With over 25 years of extensive expertise in private investigations, rest assured that we possess the capability to swiftly resolve your personal or business-related matters.


Whether you’re looking for answers, information, hard evidence, or a particular person, our team of skilled private investigators will help you obtain whatever you need.


Motivated by the commitment to produce real results and assist diverse set of clients, we walk the extra mile to exceed your expectations and provide you with resolutions.

Private Investigators in Los Angeles, CA

Bond Investigations, Inc. is a trusted private investigations and surveillance company that’s committed to help individuals, businesses, and corporations fight for their right to uncover the truth. Founded in 2003 by Dorian Bond, the company takes pride in being a leader in the industry for more than 20 years, with a strong reputation in conducting fast, accurate, and comprehensive investigations throughout California. Our private investigators in San Diego, CA, boast of a proven track record and wealth of knowledge in various types of private investigations from having solved thousands of personal and corporate cases. If you are looking for professional and skilled detectives to work on your case, let our team take care of your investigation needs.

CEO & Founder of Bond Investigations Inc.


Los Angeles Investigation Services We Offer

Private Investigations

For all your general investigative needs, trust the expertise of our skilled and professional private investigators in Los Angeles, CA. At Bond Investigations, we handle diverse personal and corporate cases, from marital and child support cases to fraud and insurance claims.

Surveillance Investigations

Experience peace of mind with our team of surveillance investigators. With a strong background and track record in conducting discreet surveillance operations, we help clients observe, track, and locate persons of interest to provide you with the information you need.

Infidelity Investigations

Is your spouse being unfaithful? Do you notice signs of infidelity but can't get any evidence? Let our private investigators help uncover the truth you need. We conduct infidelity investigations to gather the hard facts and answers necessary to bring clarity to your situation.

Child Custody Investigations

If your child is under the care of another person and you have concerns about their ability to adequately support your child, let our team help you with child custody investigations. We will look deeper into the situation to find evidence that can help you support your case.

Criminal Defense Investigations

If you have been wrongfully accused of a crime, seeking legal advice and engaging in a criminal defense investigation can be crucial. Our team of private investigators in Los Angeles is prepared to assist you. Collaborate with us to ensure a fair trial and a favorable outcome.

Background Investigations

Whether you are considering hiring a candidate for a position or assessing an applicant for financial assistance, we conduct professional background investigations. Our services will equip you with in-depth details and information about your person of interest.

Elder Abuse Investigations

Elderly mistreatment, harassment, and abuse is a serious matter. If you know a senior citizen, sickly individual, or an old person with disability who is being unfairly treated, talk to our team of skilled detectives and we will conduct a thorough elder abuse investigation.

Insurance Investigations

Our team works closely with insurers and insurance companies in determining the validity of claims. If you sense something amiss with an insurance claim, talk to us and our expert investigators will assist you in assessing the situation and uncovering the truth.

Business Investigations

Partner with us for trustworthy and expert corporate investigations. Whether it involves new hires, regular employees, or executives, our private investigators in Los Angeles will work swiftly and reliably to carry out covert company investigations that yield actionable results.

Alimony Investigations

Divorce or separation can be a complicated process. Talking about alimony concerns also adds up to the difficulty of the problem. If you believe that you deserve a better financial support, let our team assist you in obtaining information and evidence to help your case.

Skip Tracing

Bond Investigations is dedicated in offering top-notch skip tracing services across California. Our team of investigators utilizes cutting-edge tools, technology, and resources to locate missing individuals for various purposes. We work swiftly and deliver unmatched results.

Locate Investigations

Locating a missing person or finding someone lost can be challenging, particularly when you have limited information and resources. Our private investigators in Los Angeles are ready to help you locate missing individuals, whether they are a relative, debtor, witness, or criminal.

Words From Clients

  • I highly recommend Bond Investigations Inc. for any investigative need you have. They are very thorough and professional and get results quickly. Their investigators will work around the clock to investigate your case and they have the tools and resources to find what you are looking for. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in their work.

    John Dowson
  • I had a delicate situation with my child a few years ago that needed investigation. I called around to several companies and got straightforward answers from Dorian Bond. I am so glad that I contacted him. He has a staff of full-time investigators with many years of experience. They handled my case with urgency and professionalism. Dorian and his staff are top-notch!

    Janete Jones

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Nice services, i like this.
Excellent rate, honesty and professionalism. Give the team a call- you will not regret it!
Absolute gem of an investigator. Straight to the point and extremely helpful.👍👍👍
I have called him to see if i can hire him to investigate my case . He was so honest and outspoken. After explaining the case, he advised me to not bond investigations in such a situation.