Regardless of the reason, you may get to a point in your personal or professional life when a surveillance investigation becomes necessary. Perhaps you are trying to track the movement of a potentially unfaithful spouse or simply want to keep an eye on a suspicious employee. To make sure that your surveillance investigation is successful, here are the do’s and don’ts you should consider along with reasons why you should hire an LA private investigator to lead the way.

Don’t: Take the Law Into Your Own Hands

When engaged in surveillance investigations without the proper insight and experience, emotions and tension can run high – especially when you are in hot pursuit or adding the final piece of the puzzle. However, it is imperative to not take the law into your hands. There is a thin line between a concerned citizen and a vigilante.

By investing in the services of a LA private investigator, you are trusting in the skills and licensed abilities of an expert to handle these situations on your behalf. More importantly, your private investigator will educate you on finding the line that separates what you can and cannot do without breaking the law.

Do: Use Vehicles That Blend in with the Area

The vehicle used to conduct a surveillance investigation is almost as important as the person chosen to sit behind the wheel. To remain undetected, you must use a vehicle that blends into the surrounding area without drawing a lot of attention. Any identifiable mark or sign that allows a vehicle to stand out from similar vehicles is a red flag that should be avoided. From body damage and paint jobs to vanity plates and catch bumper stickers, all conspicuous cues on the vehicle should be removed before a surveillance investigation begins.

Don’t: Spend Too Much Time at High Alert Areas

When conducting a surveillance investigation, there may be instances where you must spend a considerable amount of time waiting at various locations. Perhaps you may have to wait in front of a suspect’s home or outside of a coffee shop that he or she recently entered. However, there are certain “high alert” areas that could actually raise more red flags than you expect by spending too much time there. For instance, if you try to conduct surveillance in school parking lots, playgrounds, day cares or even while attending children’s sporting events, someone may end up calling the cops on you instead of the person you are tailing.

Do: Focus on Ethical Concerns

Regardless of the reasons for your case or the justification of your investigation, you must always focus on the ethical concerns of surveillance investigations. For instance, a surveillance investigation should never be conducted in an illegal manner. Make sure that you follow the rules closely, which is why hiring an LA private investigator can come in handy. A private investigator knows that surveillance should not intrude on anyone’s reasonable expectation of privacy – even if they are the allegedly guilty party.

Don’t: Set the Bar of Expectation Too High

Again, please remember the importance of not confusing real-life surveillance investigations with how they are televised or depicted in blockbuster movies. Set realistic goals and objectives for the surveillance investigation to ensure you pay attention to what you were able to accomplish instead of the pipe dream results that you wanted to obtain from the experience.