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Alimony Investigations

Divorce or separation can often be difficult to handle. Such life-changing events can have many implications, the most significant of which is alimony. When people decide to part ways, they generally don’t realize the consequences of their decision. But once the divorce proceedings begin, things become much clearer.

This is especially true for the spouse that has to make the alimony payments. Often, these payments can seem unfair or daunting to the party required to pay. If you are in such a situation and require the services of an alimony investigator, contact our Los Angeles PI at Bond Investigations. We might be able to help you find a way to reduce or terminate alimony payments.

Misuse of Alimony Payments

There is no doubt that alimony payments are often misused. If you feel that your partner or spouse is abusing this right, you can use our private investigator services to uncover the truth. Our Los Angeles private investigator can help you find the information that you need to show a “change of circumstances”. This information can then be used as proof to appeal a reduction or termination of your alimony payments.

Reduction and/or Termination of Alimony Payments

One of the major grounds for appealing for alimony reduction or termination is co-habitation. If you can show that your former spouse has had a change of circumstances, this can help your appeal. At Bond Investigations, our alimony investigator can assist you in obtaining this proof so that you can present these findings to the court and appeal for a reduction. During the course of such an appeal, courts generally require information about:

  • The duration of the relationship
  • The time spent by spouses/couples
  • Any vacations/holidays that they have taken together
  • The nature of their daily activities
  • The interrelation of their personal affairs

Contact Bond Investigations

Courts and law enforcement agencies are not obligated to investigate the change of circumstances of a former spouse or partner. If you feel that this information could help you get a reduction or termination of your alimony payments, you can contact Bond Investigations. We will help you uncover the nature of relationships and can provide you with evidence that will hold up in any court. If you need private investigation services that will help you collect evidence and documentation to support your case, contact us today and we will help you.

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