Background Investigations

Comprehensive Background Checks Los Angeles

Background Investigations

We live in an increasingly complex world where everything cannot be taken on face value. Identity theft and white-collar crime is on an upward trend. Without due diligence investigations or background checks, you can suffer loss by hiring fraudulent employees or partnering with unscrupulous business partners. Only a top background investigations Los Angeles detective can assist you to know the truth of who you’re dealing with and prevent financial loss or loss of reputation.

Top Background Investigators Los Angeles

For over 12 years, Bond Investigations detectives in Los Angeles have performed hundreds of pre-employment checks and investigations for employers and business people across the state. We have successfully uncovered the criminal past, real identities, as well as the financial status of various subjects. With a proven track record in conducting background investigations in Los Angeles, you can entrust us your case because we always deliver results. We’ll do everything in our means to provide you accurate information on prospective employees as well as business partners so that can make a bold and informed decision.

Background Investigations Services in Los Angeles

Bond Investigations offers a range of background checks and investigations solutions. Our services are competitively-priced and tailored to the specific needs of clients. We are adept at performing the following types of background investigations in Los Angeles:

Pre-Employment Screening: we conduct background checks for private individuals, attorneys, and companies. Our detectives can provide you with accurate information on each applicant prior to making a hiring decision.

Personal Reference Verification: Let our skilled background investigators in Los Angeles structure concise and appropriate questions that will yield hidden information or unknown gaps in the subject’s employment or education background.

Criminal Records: Bond Investigations detectives in Los Angeles can assist you to conduct criminal record check on your subject. Our investigations will protect your company from fraud or theft and shield innocent employees from possible harassment, extortion, or violence.

Litigation Background Investigations: occupation injury and workplace discrimination lawsuits cost employers millions of dollars annually. You can protect your business and reputation by hiring our detectives to investigate and profile high-risk applicants who have a tendency to filing a bogus lawsuit for monetary gains.

Education Verification: before you hire for a competitive position, make sure that you verify the academic credentials and qualifications of candidates. Our private detectives will be glad to assist you with education verification to determine whether candidates graduated from college or have professional certifications.

Employment References: Contacting reference in Los Angeles is key in verifying the qualifications and experience of the applicant’s resume. That way, you will determine whether the applicant is perfectly suited for the position you are hiring.

Driving Records (DMV): safety and driving history is critical when hiring a company driver or heavy machine operator. Our detectives in Los Angeles can scrutinize the records of potential drivers to reduce the risk of hiring negligent candidates with a history of workplace or road accidents.

Identity Verification: Personal identity verification in Los Angeles is critical in establishing the true identities of subjects. Our background investigations will yield accurate information on each person and curtail the possibility of identity theft abuse within the workplace.

Military records: before you hire any ex-marine, make sure that you verify the persons’ military records for accuracy. Some candidates have a history of exaggerating or misrepresenting their service records. Only a professional military background check Los Angeles can yield accurate information on the person’s record.

Financial background check: employers should conduct financial background investigations when hiring employees for sensitive positions. Our detectives can furnish you with financial records, credit scores, liens, and debt analysis for each applicant.

Professional license verification: you ought to establish the validity of professional licenses presented to you by candidates you want to hire. Our detectives will check state-held records containing education records, certifications, or disciplinary actions such as suspension.