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Child Custody Investigations

Professional Child Custody Investigation:

Child custody issues can often turn out to be nasty and difficult to handle. This is especially true when one of the parents, either the father or the mother, is irresponsible or unreliable.

The fact is that our courts are inundated with child custody cases. You are never going to be their priority and that is understandable since they have to deal with a number of similar issues and cases. They also have limited resources and cannot go out of their way for each and every case and you really cannot blame them since their goal is to do right by everyone. They cannot choose sides nor pay more attention to one case over the other.

However, at Bond Investigations, we understand that you might need to deal with your child custody issues quickly. If the child’s parent is not making child support payments despite the fact that they earn an income, our Los Angeles private investigator may be able to help you collect these payments. We can do so by gathering information about the child’s parents and providing you with this information so that you can take legal action against them and get your child’s money.

Running after deadbeat fathers and mothers can be quite a hassle. But since the court system may not be able to help you achieve a quick resolution, you can enlist our help so that you can get the matter resolved quickly.

What We Can Do

Here’s what our Los Angeles Private Investigator can do for you:

  • Find out the location of the parent who has failed to fulfill their end of the bargain
  • The name and address of their current employer
  • Information about their assets including any real estate, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles

Keep in mind that we are not a collection agency. Our court systems are strong enough to ensure that the other parent pays up but in cases where the parent goes missing or refuses to pay, we can assist you in finding their location, their current employer, and their monetary status. With this information, you can take legal action as you will have proof that the parent has the means to make child support payments.

Call us today so that we can get you the information the other parent may be trying to hide. If you need proof, our private investigator’s services will ensure you have it.

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