Insurance Investigations

Insurance Investigations

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Let’s face it. Insurance Fraud is one of the most prevalent financial crimes in Los Angeles. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (CAIF) estimates that fraud costs the insurance industry more than $80 billion annually. The figure could be much higher since the majority of fraud cases go undetected. With such high rates of fraud, insurance agencies and insurers certainly have an uphill task in stopping this malicious activity.

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Bond Investigations is not just a brick and mortar investigations agency. We have an insider’s understanding and knowledge of insurance issues and procedures. Our professional detectives can assist you and handle your queries satisfactorily. We utilize a variety of surveillance and investigation techniques such as interviews and background checks to uncover false claims or ascertain the credibility of legitimate cases.

Insurance Fraud Investigation Services in Los Angeles

Unearthing fraudulent worker’s compensation claims or auto accident claims is a challenge that every insurance agency in Los Angeles must face head-on daily. Employees and claimants often conspire to take advantage of loopholes to defraud insurers millions of dollars. Without the assistance of insurance investigations detectives, it’s almost impossible to curtail fraud or gather evidence that would assist in prosecuting fraudsters. Bond Investigations can step in and assist you to determine:

• Fake/exaggerated injury
• civil or criminal proceedings
• health status of claimants
• staged auto accidents
• unreported income
• multiple claims under different identities

Top Insurance Investigators in Los Angeles

Bond Investigations takes pride in having qualified and trained specialists in fraud detection and prevention. Our insurance investigations team in Los Angeles comprises of industry experts with vast experience in uncovering and documenting fraud. Our skilled detectives use a variety of investigative and analytical procedures to determine the accuracy of information and the legitimacy of claims. With their exceptional knowledge and insight, you can count on our detectives to undertake thorough fraud investigations and provide you with information that you need.

Reliable Insurance Investigations Los Angeles

Bond Investigations Los Angeles is known for undertaking comprehensive insurance investigations in different areas. Often, we’re called upon to uncover fraudulent claims for insurers as well as persons implicated in staged accidents. We conduct investigations on various industries including:

• workers compensation
• healthcare insurance
• life insurance
• auto insurance
• home insurance
• disability insurance

If warranted, we are also able to conduct surveillance in Los Angeles to determine the nature of social, employment, and recreational activities of claimants. Once investigations are complete, we’ll provide you a detailed report of findings accompanied by irrefutable evidence that can withstand the scrutiny of any court.

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