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Surveillance Investigations

Experts in General Surveillance:

What is Surveillance?

Surveillance refers to the act of watching a person, place or object in order to monitor their activities as well as document and identify their activities, their personal interactions, and their contact with any external parties and their whereabouts. Surveillance is an important component of businesses that offer private investigator services.

Why is Surveillance Conducted?

In most cases, the primary goal of conducting surveillance is to prevent a crime or to obtain evidence against those who are suspected to have committed a crime. The objective is to obtain evidence of any wrongful actions so that this evidence can be used in a court of law. The information gathered during surveillance such as the individual’s location, activities, interactions, and anything else that is deemed relevant, can then be used during an interrogation and can also prove useful to determine future action accordingly. The information is generally used in court to ensure that those involved in criminal activities can be brought to justice.

Types of Investigations

There are different types of investigations undertaken by private investigator services that require surveillance. These include:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Adultery/Cheating Partners
  • Vandalism
  • Recurrent Theft
  • Missing Persons

Types of Surveillance

Different types of suspected crimes require different types of surveillance. At Bond Investigations, we ensure that the type of surveillance we use will be most effective depending on the type of investigation.  It is the private investigator who decides which type would be best suited as they are the ones who have the most information regarding the specifics of the case and the desired outcomes. Depending on the case, the following types can be used in an investigation:

  • Mechanical or Human – Mechanical surveillance uses equipment such as video cameras, voice recorders, and other similar equipment to monitor the activities of the suspect. In human surveillance, the private investigator will be the one gathering the primary information.
  • Overt or Covert – Overt surveillance includes the use of visible security cameras while covert surveillance is undetected and could include an undercover detective or hidden cameras.
  • Stationary or Mobile – In stationary surveillance, the private investigator remains in one location while in mobile surveillance, the investigator actively follows the subject in question, either on foot or in a vehicle or aircraft.

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